6 Easy Steps to Speed Up Your QuickBooks Performance

How to Speed Up QuickBooks to Improve Performance

QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting software. This software comes with plenty of amazing features due to which people love this software. QuickBooks accounting software has its own advantages when you use this for any business-related work.

Millions of people use QuickBooks software only in America. QuickBooks software comes in handy when in scheduling payments, inventory management, pending bills reminder, inventory management and much more.

Though QuickBooks software has many plus points, like other software QuickBooks also deals with technical glitches. When you try to use QuickBooks software over a network or a big company file, you can various type of performance problems like slow speed, taking time to open company files etc.

If you are a QuickBooks user and get into these type of situation, you can solve your problem by performing the method given in this blog. Also, you can get experts to help via QuickBooks customer support number.

Advantages of Speeding up QuickBooks Performance

Sometimes when you open a company file and it takes a lot of time to open or the system doesn’t work properly, then you will receive the message QuickBooks is unable to start or QuickBooks slow to open. In those situation speeding up QuickBooks is the best option. It will benefit you in these ways:

  • You can freely do any task with QuickBooks without facing an error.
  • Work capability increases.
  • Stress hour decreases
  • QuickBooks becomes less time consuming
  • Increase speed

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Steps to Speed Up QuickBooks to Improve Performance

You can test the speed of your QuickBooks software locally in a multi-user atmosphere. It will sure you if the network or company file causing any problem. If you find any performance issue when 1 person signed into the company files over the network. Then carry out below-mentioned steps to copay the file locally which will solve the problem.

  • Open QuickBooks software and press the F2 button on the keyboard.
  • Check the company file location and make a note of it.
  • Sign out of the QuickBooks software and close all the running programs and opened window.
  • Press the windows button and go to computers.
  • Then go to the company file location and right click on the company file and choose to copy.
  • Then paste the copied file at the desktop.

Now you have locally copied the file, check if the file is speedy than being on the network. The file shouldn’t cause any problem, but if you still face problems, then reach out to the experts via QuickBooks helpline number and get help.