How to Create Backup of QuickBooks Desktop Company File?

Create Backup of QuickBooks Files

Creating backup files for your QuickBooks is a very clever thing to do since you never know when your computer will get damaged or your data will get corrupted. You need to know that QuickBooks isn’t just another software that eases your workload. It is much more than that as it stores a record of all important contact details or account and bank information of your customers or clients and copies of all accounting records.

And losing it will only set your business to plummet to the ground. So on that note, it is very important to create back up files, not only for QuickBooks but also for everything because you can never go wrong with having a backup. So always save your data and files in a secure folder or location. You can now move forward with this blog to figure out how you can create backups of your QuickBooks files or you can also get the desired information from QuickBooks customer service.

You can either choose to manually backup your files or automatically. Take reference from the steps below to know how you can do both.

1. Manual backup of QuickBooks files

  • On the QuickBooks home screen, choose the ‘file’ option on the menu bar.
  • Under this you will see an option that says ‘back up’, expand it and select the ‘back up company file’ tab.
  • To make changes to the file names and to select the location, click the browse button.
  • Save these changes and click the ‘ok’ button.

2. Automatic backup of QuickBooks files

The automatic backup feature has two ways of backing up. The first way is it creates a backup every time you close a file and the second way is that it lets you create or schedule an unattended backup.

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3. Backup right after closing a file

  • Repeat the same process till you get to the ‘back up’ option.
  • Now choose the ‘schedule a backup’ tab and click on ‘automatically create a backup when closing the data file’.
  • Make the changes to the frequency and selections in the ‘QuickBooks backup window’.
  • Save these modifications and click Ok.

4. Schedule an unattended backup

  • Repeat the same process as above till the ‘schedule a backup’ step.
  • Now click on the ‘new’ button and make the desired selections in the ‘schedule a backup’ window and save it by clicking the ‘Ok’ button.

Replicate the exact same steps as mentioned above and you will be able to successfully create backups of your QuickBooks files. For assistance with any technicalities call QuickBooks phone number.